Refuse to Sink

Life…it happens to everyone. Things just come out of nowhere and catch you totally off guard. You aren’t prepared. You aren’t ready. But, you face it head on. Resiliency is the word that every Southerner (and non-Southerner alike) should focus on when (to quote the awesome Christian group Casting Crowns) “life hits you out of nowhere and barely leaves you hanging on.” Things are going to happen (it’s inevitable), but our reactions to these situations are what gets us through life. We can either throw in the towel or refuse to sink.  Our “Refuse to Sink” shirt is not just a shirt. It is our life’s motto. In the face of whatever situation, we refuse to sink! Check out these inspirational shirts that feature a mermaid and an anchor in our online store

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Classy But A Little Rough Around The Edges-The Perfect Southern Woman

We Southerners may get a bad rap in the sophistication department, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure we may not have the sophistication of New York and California, but we have our own Southern brand of class and sophistication (and who’s to say which is better!). Most of us down here in the lower states prefer the Southern definition of sophistication, classy but a little rough around the edges. Sure we can clean up nice, put on heels, and sip some wine (or beer for some of us). But, we can also hunt, fish, and bale hay with the best of them. And who wouldn’t want a Southern woman that can do all that?  Just remember, the next time someone says that your “Southern classy,” they are giving you the ultimate compliment. So, wear our Southern shirt “Classy But A Little Rough Around the Edges” with pride. Let everyone know with this t-shirt that you are Southern sophisticated (and not just regular sophisticated – that’s boring)! Check them out in our online store


Stay Salty My Friends

   Salty. We hear this word a lot, but some of us still don’t fully understand what it means. When someone refers to you (or even themselves) as being “salty,” they mean that their attitude can be…well…not so desirable at times. Maybe they are in a bad mood about something or maybe they are just exhibiting some sort of attitude that others don’t like. As Southerners, we don’t see being “salty” as bad thing. Sometimes, you just have to have a Southern attitude that lends itself to being a little “salty” at times. What can we say? It’s in our blood. We can be sweet as apple pie or salty as a pork chop depending on the situation. This makes us uniquely Southern. Our salty, Southern shirts put our unique (sometimes eccentric) Southern attitude on display for all to see (and admire). These t-shirts send a clear message that sometimes, you just have to be salty. So in response, we say stay salty friends and check out our shirts at


The Perfect Southern Hurricane

Hurricanes are as common to the South as sweet tea is to the Southern dinner table. You can’t have dinner without sweet tea just as you can’t live in the South without facing a hurricane or two (depending on where you live)! We Southern women like to mimic these hurricanes in our day to day lives. We are country, classy, and even sassy. When you mix this all up, sometimes you get the perfect Southern hurricane. We bring wind, rain, and we are a force to be reckoned with. Our “Country and Classy Little Bit Sassy and a Chance of Hurricane” shirt commemorates the Southern women who like to bring a little “stormy” weather into the world with them. It’s the perfect Southern shirt to display the perfect Southern attitude. Check them out in our online store


The storms of life are inevitable, but HE is the anchor in the storm

     We have all watched a storm or two roll by our window. We see rain fall in sheets. We hear thunder roar above our heads, and we are sometimes blinded by a bright streak of lightning. But after the rain, life flourishes. Plants grow, rainbows fill the sky, and the sun comes out. Without storms, we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty of the world around us after the storm. Life is no different. The storms of life are inevitable. I heard someone once say that you are either in the middle of a storm, just got out of a storm, or there is a storm waiting for you on the horizon. No truer words have ever been uttered. We must remember that in the midst of any storm we face we have an anchor in CHRIST. HE is our ANCHOR in the storm. We must also remember that life brings us storms so CHRIST can bring us out of them and show us the beauty of life after the rain. Our “My Anchor in the Storm” shirt keeps us grounded in this fact. This Christian shirt reminds us of the love of CHRIST and HIS ability to be by our side and see us through any storm in life. Check it out on our website

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Yes to the Beach! No to the Sand (and sunscreen and salt water)!

Everybody needs beach therapy once in a while. Who doesn’t love feeling the sand between their toes (but not anywhere else because anywhere else and sand just feels icky) or hearing the waves crash against the shore (but not too loud so it doesn’t destroy your beach nap)? Let’s not forget the sun rays beaming down giving you massive amounts of Vitamin D (but not without sunscreen because you don’t want to get burned so bad that you will be absolutely miserable the rest of the trip). Here at Country Life Outfitters/Tortuga Moon, we love the beach (just not all the sand that gets all over your car that has to be vacuumed out and tends to multiply by the ton when you get back to your hotel room, condo, or house)! So yes, we are saying, “Beach Please!” (Just leave out the icky sand, sticky sunscreen, and salty, loud water) Check out our beach shirts and get yours before you go on your next beach trip. These shirts are perfect for bringing your Southern Attitude to the beach. Find them in our online store

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Oops! Did I Say That Out Loud?

Okay, okay…we’ve all done it! We’ve all slipped and said something before thinking. We cover our mouths, or our face turns red, or we just don’t have any reaction at all because we really don’t care. Some of us Southerners try to sweet talk our way out of the conundrum afterwards. We lay on our Southern charm real thick like. And some of us do it more than others…like all the time. You know who you are! Our Southern Attitude “Oops! Did I say that out loud?” shirt memorializes this classic moment of inserting your foot in your mouth the Southern way. Get this Southern shirt for you (and all your friends if necessary) to let others know that things will be flying out of your mouth at any time and at any moment. Check them out in our online store

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Sassy: The word we love to hate in the South

Sassy! How many times did you hear this word growing up in the South? Can you even count the times on your fingers? Phrases like, “Don’t take that sassy tone with me” and “Don’t be sassy young lady” flew out of our Southern mothers’ mouths like fried chicken flew off of our plates at dinner. As a kid, you didn’t know whether to stand with pride when you had been called sassy by your mama or shut your mouth quick with guilt. Fast forward to your adult years. You finally realize that your mama calling you sassy was one of the biggest compliments she could have given you! We take pride in being sassy Southern women who speak our minds. Country Life Outfitters/Tortuga Moon has immortalized the sassy Southerner through their Southern Attitude shirt line. These Southern shirts allow you to take pride in your sassy attitude and serve as a warning label to all your friends and family before you open your sassy mouth! Check them you in our online store


Tortuga Moon Shirts

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Country Life Outfitters is introducing a new line of shirts called Tortuga Moon! Love turtles? If so, these shirts are made for you! They feature beautifully designed turtle images that are perfect for all the turtle lovers out there. These sea themed designs also make them the perfect beach shirts! They offer comfort colors and are available in short sleeves as well long sleeves. Check them out in our online store.